Community Hospice & Health Services often hears from families we have had the honor of supporting and from community members who share our belief that every person deserves dignity at the end of their life. Below are some kind words shared by community residents. We encourage you to participate and share how we have helped you during your time of need.

“My sweet Mother entered hospice in June 2011, from the moment we walked in we could feel the peace and comfort surrounding us. While waiting for my Mother to be situated we were invited by a sweet family to celebrate their grandmother’s birthday, so we had cake with her beautiful family. My Mother was treated like she was family from the moment she arrived. We were allowed to have as many of her family and friends as we wanted to visit, sometimes that included up to 30 people at a time! The youth from our church loved her so much and would stop in to pray and sing with us, she was always the life of the party. I can’t thank her nurses Brenda, which is a dear friend, and Liberty for tenderly taking care of our precious Mother. Years ago, my Mother moved to Idaho to be closer to my brother, while waiting for her house to get finished she stayed with him. One morning he walked in to ask if she wanted coffee and he saw a tiny Hummingbird sitting on her forehead, they were both sound asleep. The reason I tell this story is because while at hospice a tiny Hummingbird hovered around her door, I told my husband that was God’s way of telling us she wouldn’t be here much longer, she passed away peacefully that evening. Thank you for taking care of our Mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she will be forever missed.” – Wanda Azevedo

“The caring, knowledgeable folks at Community Hospice made it possible for me to bring my mother home from the hospital to spend her final weeks with her family. Their team ensured that mom was comfortable and had everything she needed to transition peacefully. They made sure I knew what to expect, how to handle difficult situations and had access to available support systems. Community Hospice’s 24-hour call-center provided a trained team member to answer questions, offer solutions and advise me through crises.” – Joy Warren Mastache, Modesto

“I give my love and support and my intellectual, emotional and spiritual energy to help all people I come in contact within my role as an MSW at Community Hospice. I passionately believe in our mission statement. I believe all patients and families need and deserve compassionate care, before, during and after a terminal illness or any type of death.” – Jan Jordison, MSW

“My dad passed away at the Alexander Cohen Hospice House in Hughson almost five years ago. Even though my dad was only there for a short time, I know his care was of the utmost importance.” – Hailey Hicks, Daughter of Alexander Cohen Hospice Heart Patient

“Everyone has a different story but we all know what it feels like to lose someone important.” –  Camper, Age 14

“I learned that mommy will always be watching over me.” – Camper, Age 6