Friends of Community Hospice

The mission of the Community Hospice & Health Services Foundation Friends of Hospice is to support the patients and families of Community Hospice & Health Services through fundraising, community education, and special events.

In the early years of Community Hospice & Health Services, there were patients in need but no means to pay for the necessary care. The question of how to pay for this endeavor was critical. Funds were needed to serve and support patients and families as well as pay the clinical staff providing the services. The first president of the Friends, Sue Allen, was asked to create a “Community Hospice & Health Services Friends of Hospice” group in 1982, to serve the fundraising needs of Community Hospice & Health Services. One year later, there were 40 members who were fundraising ambassadors for Community Hospice & Health Services.

Over the last 41 years, the Friends of Community Hospice have raised over one million dollars to help support the mission of Community Hospice and & Health Services.

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