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Embracing Life

Mario loved being the patriarch of a large family. With six children, the home he built with his beautiful wife and family was vibrant and full of life. “Dad loved to celebrate, any excuse to be together,” said Delia, his oldest daughter. “He was known as ‘Dad’ to everyone and his home was always filled with joyous voices, not just ours, all of our friends as well.”

Several years ago, Mario received a heartbreaking dementia diagnosis. Mario made it clear to his family at that time that his wish was for life to carry on. His family and friends honored his wishes and continued to celebrate all of life’s joys with Mario. As his dementia and disease progressed, Delia called Community Hospice for help.

Community Hospice Embraces living life as fully as possible, for as long as possible.

My dad wished to go quietly into the night with softness and grace. Thanks to Community Hospice his wish was granted. Our family can never thank them enough.

For over four decades, your generous support has helped thousands of patients like Mario. Your contributions have provided many families the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one’s wishes have been honored and supported. With kindness and compassion, our caring staff supports every patient care decision, allowing for more precious moments for families to share together.

Your continued support allows us to remain steadfast in our commitment to our patients, even now when life has changed for all of us.

The past year has been trying due to the public health crisis. Our teams have quickly had to adapt our practices to ensure the safety of our patients and families. During this time, we care for our patients, including those who have COVID-19 in hospitals, facilities or wherever they call home.

Barbara, RN, Community Hospice 

We have been honored to care for more than 80 patients diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus this year. We will continue to be here to care for those who turn to us when assistance is needed most.

Your critical support to families dealing with illness and loss.

The need for grief support has never been greater in our communities. Although we have adapted our services to assist those in need, our staff are able to provide support for adults and children, as well as groups. Programs are offered virtually through various platforms including, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and more.

We appreciate and thank all who have supported us, especially during this challenging year.

Whether we are caring for families like Mario’s, patients with COVID-19 or providing help and healing to grieving families and children, your generous gift today makes all our work in our communities possible.

Your gift means that our hospice and palliative patients and grieving clients will continue to receive the compassionate, encouraging and comforting care they need.

DeSha McLeod

With gratitude and sincere wishes for good health,

C. DeSha McLeod, President/CEO

Community Hospice is the definition of philanthropy – it is our past and more importantly our future. Each year, Community Hospice Foundation provides more than 500,000 dollars to support our patients, families, facilities and programs. Your gift matters. Supporting the Community Hospice Foundation Annual Fund Campaign is a way to honor a loved one and show you are personally invested in our mission.

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Your donation is more important than ever to continue providing exceptional community programs and hospice care services.

Also, when you choose to make a monthly gift, you join a special group of people who spread their generosity throughout the year. Go to to set up your monthly gift or call us at 209.578.6370. A gift of just $10 a month means more patient wishes will be fulfilled.